The Best And Worst Day Of Spider-Man's Life

2. The Best Day Of Peter Parker's Life - The Wedding!

Spider-Man Wedding
Marvel Comics

It’s rare that a superhero’s best day could be tied so directly to their worst, but that’s very much the case for Marvel’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Although the ol’ Parker Luck has dictated that Pete’s experienced something of a torrid life, it hasn’t been short of wonderful moments. Most of these have stemmed from his many relationships, including his time with Gwen Stacy (which also ended under tragic circumstances - don’t mention the okenbray ecknay), but it’s Mary Jane who’s been with Peter through thick and thin.

Say what you will about MJ’s character, but there is no denying how iconic her relationship with Peter Parker is. Writers have celebrated it time and again, notably in Matt Fraction’s sensational story, ‘To Have and To Hold’, but undoubtedly the pair’s highpoint occurred in 1987, where they both tied the knot, and moved in together as husband and wife.

Marriage is something of a controversial topic for the medium, and many in Marvel would later come to view the move as something that prevented their favourite everyman from relating to their young readership. In any case, 1987’s The Wedding proved to be the defining comic book event of the year, and even featured Stan Lee introducing a live performance of the issue during a match between the New York Mets and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Baseball is weird.

Anyway - The story came about in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, and was written by Jim Shooter and David Michelinie, with pencils provided by Paul Ryan. The actual lead up to the event isn’t all that rosy either, as both Pete and MJ have serious doubts about making such a big commitment; Pete worries about supporting them both with his job at the Bugle, all while a big party is held and JJ cuts the pay of all those who don’t attend, and MJ even has to deal with an appearance from an ex-boyfriend, who wants to whisk her away to Paris in an attempt to ‘win’ her back.

Of course, in the end, the couple put their doubts behind them and attend the ceremony where they’re joined by friends and family alike. This event would also mark a major change in the status-quo of Spidey’s books, and though both he and MJ would have to endure their fair share of challenges along the way, there’s no getting away from the fact that the ceremony itself was an undoubted highlight of Peter Parker’s life.

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