The Comics That Inspired Matt Reeves' The Batman

The perspiration behind the inspiration for The Batman...

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With Matt Reeves The Batman set for a 2021 release and the first footage doing the rounds online in the tantalising but far-too-brief teaser, anticipation is mounting. Expect Warner Brothers to drip feed us more of the same, as fans count down the days until we see if Robert Pattinson and Reeves have given the Dark Knight the movie he needs and we deserve.

Reeves has gone on record a number of occasions to state the comics that are the main inspiration behind Batman's sixth big screen iteration in modern times.

With classics like The Long Halloween and Batman: Ego right at the top of the pile on Reeves bedside table, it's clear that he's taking inspiration from the most iconic and revered texts from recent years. Fans can expect a more character driven, noir-esque, sleuth-like take on the World's Greatest Detective with Pattinson behind the mask and Paul Dano serving up the riddles.

While all previous movies have had detective qualities of their own, WB never really gotten to grips with the idea of Batman as an investigator of complex criminal enigmas. Here are the comics that have inspired Matt Reeves Batman movie, let's hope he has been paying attention to these classic editions featuring The World's Greatest Detective.

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