The Future Of The DC Universe REVEALED

A new Batman, a new Wonder Woman AND the introduction of Red X?!

DC Comics lifted the lid for their early 2021 plans on Thursday, revealing DC Future State, a "two-month, line-wide event" set to change the course of the publisher's universe from February onwards. New heroes, new costumes and new creative teams herald big changes for the DCU - even if it'll only be a large-ish interruption to DC's regular programming.

Readers may recall rumours from 2019 and early 2020 that DC were planning something called "5G". The plan back then, supposedly, was to age-up and replace many of the publisher's iconic heroes by flash-forwarding several years in the timeline. Rumours later indicated that 5G was scrapped with the firing of DC Editor-in-Chief Dan DiDio, although it's clear that not everything has been left on the cutting room floor.


Regardless of whatever connections Future State may or may not have with 5G, the new revamp is looks like a bold and exciting departure from the publisher's norm. There's a new Batman (rumoured to be Luke Fox), a new Wonder Woman (the Brazilian Yara Flor), and the event will even introduce a fan-favourite character from the 2000s Teen Titans show to comics continuity: Red X.

DC Future State Justice League
DC Comics

According to DC's press release, Future State will emerge from the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal and will provide a "glimpse into the unwritten worlds of DC's future". The final issue of Death Metal is currently on track to release in 2021, a month before Future State fully kicks on in February.


One thing that must be said about the new revamp is that it's all visually striking. DC has enlisted the likes of Joƫlle Jones, Jen Bartel, Otto Schmidt and more to design some of the coolest looking costumes for new and old characters alike. There are also some especially wicked creative teams onboard for the event, including John Ridley and Nick Derington on Batman, Mariko Tamaki and Dan Mora on Dark Detective, and Becky Cloonan working on both Midnigher and Immortal Wonder Woman.



DC Future State commences February 2021.

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