The Incredible Hulk's 10 Biggest Feats Of Strength

"HULK SMASH..." literally everything.

Hulk Thor's Hammer
Marvel Comics

The Marvel universe has birthed some of the strongest characters brought to life in comics over the past century, but one gamma-radiated, green-skinned phenomenon who's always on hand to prove his might over all comers is the Incredible Hulk.

Bruce Banner's alter ego has appeared in numerous guises and versions. We've known Hulks of different skin tone, Hulks with varying power levels and with different measures of intellect, but one thing always remains true: He is The Strongest One There Is.

Since debuting in 1962, the jade giant has been forced into situations where incalculable strength is required, and he's more often than not been the man for the job. Although others have wielded Hulk-like powers over time, none have shown the same propensity for mind-bending displays of power like the original ball of stress, Dr. Banner.

It's important to underline the difference between "strength" and "power." Power might speak of a being like The Living Tribunal, capable of altering space and time, while strength refers to the more physical concept of moving, lifting or perhaps punching things or objects. That's where Hulk shines.

11. Throwing Fin Fang Foom To The Moon

Hulk Thor's Hammer
Marvel Comics/Jorge Lucas

Fin Fang Foom isn't a dragon per se, but actually a shapeshifting alien pretty much always seen in his dragon form, and the 2008 one-shot Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom #1 pitted him against an enraged Banner.

Not even at a six on the anger scale and with one hand no less, Hulk launched Foom to temporary doom on the faraway moon (I'll stop now), all of 364,400 kilometres away.

According to his Marvel biography, Fin Fang Foom weighs 20 tons in his dragon form, so how his impact didn't have any lasting damage on Earth's tidal activity is anyone's guess, but we're grateful all the same.

Now, Hulk has undoubtedly lifted far heavier things, but it's also the ease with which he flings Foom that have to be taken into account. After all, 20 tons is equal to the weight of three T-Rex's, 12 cars or 40 grizzly bears—seriously, we checked.

This is the equivalent of a normal human swatting an overzealous bull into a neighbouring field or lifting a car above one's head to see if they dropped their keys under it.


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