The Joker's 10 Most Sickeningly Twisted Moments

4. Face/Off

Joker Face
DC Comics

As DC Comics rebooted their books with the New 52, so their characters received a new look too. Always willing to go the extra mile, Joker got into the swing of things by having criminal surgeon Dollmaker literally remove his face. Going deep underground following the operation, Joker wouldn't resurface for over a year.

When he did return, he came back looking for his face. Also, with a vengeance. Scott Snyder's seminal 'Death of the Family' storyline saw the Joker return, horror villain style. Breaking into the GCPD and murdering everyone he finds there, Joker steals his face back and sets about reminding his beloved Batman just what he's been missing in his absence.

With this in mind, he kidnaps Alfred and the sidekicks (his justification being that the extended Bat-family have been holding back and softening the Bat over the years), writing a twisted love letter to his Bat in the family's blood and tears.

As ever, it comes to nought, but both men are left irrevocably changed by the encounter. Finishing the fight by plummeting off a Batcave waterfall, Joker may not be quite so smitten with the Dark Knight when they next meet.

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