The New 52: What Could Be Cancelled Next?

dial h DC's New 52 began as a highly profitable idea for the struggling publisher. It saw a huge boost in sales and interest for DC's books and for a while they were completely dominant over the Diamond comic-book top 10. However, times have changed and through a cross between creative differences and Marvel NOW!, DC currently are publishing a lot of struggling titles again. This is something that has been reflected in the large number of cancellations they have announced lately. Here, I'm going to go through DC's top five worst selling New 52 titles that have yet to be cancelled and make some predictions on their futures...

1. Batwing

Currently Selling: 13K copies per month Status: Last Chance! Batwing was a title that started off very strongly in The New 52 with 41,000 copies sold in September 2011. However, since then it has lost nearly 30,000 of those readers, and now struggles around the 13,000 mark. So the question is, why has DC not canned what is by far their worst selling New 52 title? Honestly, I think it's because Batwing is one of DC's only black characters with an ongoing series at the moment. DC wanted their New 52 line-up to be diverse, but with Mister Terrific and Static Shock being cancelled after eight issues, the DC universe is starting to lack influential black characters again. Simon Baz and Cyborg may be fairly big names with their respective Justice League teams but two big characters is not nearly enough. #19 sees what I interpret to be Batwing's last chance to have success, with a new creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. The pair will be giving the Batwing mantle to a different character, and in the process will create a perfect jumping-on point for new readers! They will also be bringing Batwing closer to the rest of the Bat-family in the hope that familiar characters will boost sales. If this doesn't work, then get ready to say goodbye to this title.
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