Thor: 10 Mortals Who Wielded Asgard's Weapons

From Daredevil to Storm, here are the heroes who wielded Asgard's arsenal.

Daredevil Hofund
Marvel Comics

Norse mythology is known for two things: one, a truly hilarious lack of understanding of human anatomy (go look up where the horse Odin rides into battle comes from if you need a good laugh), and two, some truly badass mythical weapons.

While not quite matching the brutality of the arsenal of, say, Celtic mythology, Norse mythology is where every heavy metal band turns to first for a very good reason. So it stands to reason that Marvel's spin on the mythology in the pages of Thor and other books would have some fun with the various weapons in the arsenal of Asgard too, right?

Absolutely. But there's more to Asgard's arsenal than just Mjolnir - a whole range of iconic weapons have graced the hands of Thor's fellow Asgardians, and they've all done some serious damage when wielded in the field of battle.

Now, typically, these weapons can only be wielded by the gods they were forged for, but on certain occasions, there have been mortals who have gotten their hands on them. From superheroes to supervillains and cosmic entities, so long as they aren't actual straight up gods, then they qualify for the list.

These mere squishy mortals took one look at the most powerful weapons in all of the Marvel universe and said only one word... "Gimme!"

10. Jackie Lukus

Daredevil Hofund
Marvel Comics

The first stop in this tour of the most badass weapons of the Marvel Norse mythology is The Bloodaxe, signature weapon of Skurge The Executioner.

Skurge and the Bloodaxe have been together for centuries, unlike Mjolnir which has passed from person to person, imbuing them with the powers of Thor. And you can't be bound at the hip to a weapon like that without your personality bleeding over just a little.

As such, the Bloodaxe carries with it the evil nature of the executioner, imbuing in whoever wields it an uncontrollable bloodlust and rage.

Such was the fate of one Jackie Lukus, who got ahold of the Bloodaxe and used it to become the vigilante... Bloodaxe... because I suppose all creativity goes out the window when your weapon has a more badass name than anything your puny mortal brain could come up with.

But of course, the Bloodaxe has only one true love, and that is Skurge, so it was only a matter of time before it returned to its dastardly master again.


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