Thor Finally Gets His Arm Back Next Year... But How?

In 2020, it's time to grow - which apparently includes new limbs.

Thor Donny
Marvel Comics

The new Thor has quite a lot to live up to, considering it comes just after Jason Aaron's iconic seven-year run with our favourite Norse hero, who is soon to be replaced by the team of writer Donny Cates and artist Nic Klein in 2020.

But the pair already seem well up to the task, as design reveals for the new series have brought out one particularly interesting fact: Thor has two arms in their new story.

While this may not sound immediately shocking to anyone who has not been keeping up with the current antics of the God of Thunder, it's very much a big deal, as Thor has been without his left arm since 2014, when he had it cut off by the villain Malekith in the first issue of Thor. Since then, this missing arm has been replaced by a series of prosthetics, almost all of which have also been ruined by Thor's heroic shennaigans.

Thor Marvel
Marvel Comics

The official word on this is that the mystery of the reappearing arm will be answered within the very first issue of the new series, with writer Donny Cates stating in an interview with CBR that 'I know a lot of people have a lot of questions about the new costume and the lack of a number of things including a new arm. There are naturals reasons for all of that though. The new costume comes very organically out of the events of issue 1. You'll understand why when you read it.'

Though we're still a good while away from seeing Thor grace our local comic stores, it's nice to know that it's already gaining fan intrigue even at such an early stage in the production.

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