War Of The Realms: Malekith Does The Unthinkable With Venom

Is this a dagger I see before me? Or, wait, no - is that Venom?

War of the Realms Venom
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Continuing from the absolute insanity of the previous issue, War of the Realms #4 starts off with Punisher somehow managing to be a successful diplomat, recruiting the Light Elves into the war against Malekith. Against all conventional logic, the comic only gets wilder from there, cutting eclectically to each hero and their efforts in the ongoing war - with the heroes forces split between defending areas like the Avengers Mountain, and the others recruiting more realms into the fray.

This said, there's a clear highlight of the issue, as Odin and Freyja's last stand to destroy the Black Bifrost contains arguably the best fight scene the pair have ever been involved in, with a tie-up for biggest badass being caught between Odin's custom Iron-Man armour, and Freya's Taken-esque murder monologues.

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All of these heroic moments, however, manage to be almost ignorable in comparison to the fate of Venom at the hands of Malekith.

Having defeated Eddie Brock's symbiote previously in the comic, the Dark Elf tortures Venom until he is able to manipulate his body into another weapon for Malekith's arsenal, using the alien's new weaponised form in his assault on Freyja.

With it being left unclear if this has killed Venom or merely incapacitated him, the next issue is sure to be interesting for a whole host of reasons, but most especially finding out whether the extraterrestrial is a permanent addition to Malekith's powers.


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