WATCHMEN Prequel Comics Are A Reality At DC

Legendary Darwyn Cooke will take artistic lead FOUR connecting Watchmen mini-series prequels at DC!

Bleeding Cool believe a phone call they received a few days ago confirms that DC Comics are working on a number of mini-series prequels to Alan Moore's Watchmen, a work which is regularly (and rightfully) dubbed 'The Citizen Kane of Comic Books', that could hit next year. Blasphemy of course, but in this world where Watchmen has never been more of a money-maker, especially post the Warner Bros blockbuster film, of course inevitable. Legendary Darwyn Cooke will take artistic lead on the FOUR mini-series prequels that he will craft an "over-arching uber-plot" for that will connect all the stories together. There's a huge chance he will also write and draw a few of them. Dave Gibbons, John Higgins, JMS, JG Jones and Andy Kubert have also had meetings with DC over the project. Gibbons of course is the man responsible for the iconic artwork in the original Watchmen story and if he was to come on board would be a major coup for the PR (and the quality, naturally) of this project. The word is a considerable bunch of staff members at DC are not at all happy about the decision to expand the Watchmen universe without Alan Moore but the bottom line is it's a huge money maker just sitting there for somebody. Can you imagine a prequel to Citizen Kane? NO... but we are getting one for Watchmen and then which inevitably will be a epic financial success and convince Warner Bros to push through another Watchmen movie. We may not all want to see it, but there's definitely a curiosity to see what they might do with it, eh? Expect this one to be the big comic book story of 2012, next year's version of 52...
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