What Happened To Every MAJOR Character Who Joined The Suicide Squad?

Dozens of villains and heroes joined Task Force X, but what became of their most important members?

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After a year or so spent in the wilderness, the Suicide Squad are on the cusp of making a comeback. Not only are they gearing up for a new big screen reboot/sequel in next year's The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, they're also getting a makeover in the comics too, courtesy of writer Tom Taylor.

The last few years has seen the Squad transform from a beloved, if not widely acknowledged DC property, into one of the publisher's most valuable, courtesy of a much maligned but financially successful Suicide Squad film released in 2016. That said, while the Squad have only recently experienced a boom in popularity, they've been a DC staple for decades, dating all the way back to the first vaunted relaunch spearheaded by John Ostrander, which recast the World War II unit as a rag-tag band of supervillain misfits recruited by the US government to do its wetwork.

It was a winning premise, with one of the more immediately noticeable differences about the Squad - apart from the fact they were all (mostly) villains - being that death wasn't off the cards. The book lived up to its name, and so, as the years went on, dozens of characters would eventually perish within its pages.

Naturally, this means that those who've served with the Squad have been through a lot, and that goes double for the team's most famous faces...

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