What Happened To Everyone Who Became Heralds Of Galactus?

12. The Fallen One

The Fallen One Galactus Herald
Marvel Comics

The original and potentially most villainous of Galactus' Heralds is known as the Fallen One, who journeyed with Galactus as his first servant. While later Heralds would be empowered with the Power Cosmic, the Devourer of Worlds' original partner in crime was instead powered by dark energy, which naturally led to its own share of not so fortunate consequences.

After spending a period of time as Galactus Herald, the big purple one soon realises that the Fallen One isn't all that nice, and is in actual fact a cruel and malevolent being. Galactus then decides to imprison the Fallen One, only to suffer repeated attacks as a result.

In a rare instance of Galactus actually conspiring with his worst enemy, he sends the Fallen One to Thanos so that the Mad Titan can offer a permanent solution. He defeats Galctus' former Herald, turning him into his own, before eventually sending him to his death at the hands of Tenebrous and Aegis in the events of Annihilation.

He is yet to return.

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