What Happened To Everyone Who Became Iron Fist?

9. Li Park

Iron Fist Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Although writers like Ed Brubaker have given more of a look into the many different wielders of the Iron Fist powers over the centuries, we don't have a solid step by step timeline. So, the next Iron Fist we know of so far is Li Park.

Li's claim to fame was the fact that he wielded the powers of Iron Fist while also being a pacifist. One might wonder how exactly he managed that since violence is sorta implied to be a non-negotiable part of the job with the Fist part of the name, but reading his story in the pages of Immortal Iron Fist will paint a fascinating picture.

Li only really joined the school of thunder in K'un-Lun to keep an eye on his little brother, and had no intention of receiving the Iron Fist powers. But when a plague wiped out all the other candidates, he was the only one left who had the training to handle it.

Why didn't they just wait to train someone new who was down for the whole "beating the ever loving sh*t outta dudes" part of the job? Well, there was the small matter of an insane Chinese general gobbling up land all over the place, so they didn't have time to be picky.

Unlike his predecessor, we don't know how Li Park met his end, so we can assume he lived to a ripe old age.


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