What Happened To Everyone Who Became Robin?

Heard the one about the Robin who changed his name to Ric and became a taxi driver?

DC Comics

No sidekick in the history of comic books has proved to be as popular as the famed Boy Wonder, Robin.

First appearing back in 1940, Robin has regularly stood alongside Batman in the decades since. Of course, it’s not always been the same person taking on the Robin mantle, but for as long as there’s a Batman patrolling the streets of Gotham City, there will be a Robin at the Caped Crusader’s side.

The very notion of Robin may be a tad questionable – a kid being tasked with fighting sinister villains with killer intentions – yet one of the greatest elements of the Robin moniker over the years has been seeing the various Robins grow up to take on their own unique personas. Then again, not all of the Robins have had the opportunity to do that, for the price of being the sidekick of the Dark Knight hasn’t always ended well for those involved.

Here, we’re going to explore just how things have played out for those fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of Batman and to be handed the iconic role of Robin in mainstream DC continuity.


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