What Happened To Everyone Who Became Spider-Man?

There are many alternate Spider-Man, but what about those from Marvel's main universe?

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Marvel doesn't exactly have a shortage of alternate versions of its main characters. Of all of their heroes, none surpass Spider-Man as being more synonymous with the multiverse, apart from maybe Captain Britain, whose popularity pales in comparison to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's web-slinger.

Those weird and wonderful alternate Spider-Men are always fun to discuss, but what about those characters who've taken up the mantle of Spider-Man in the main Marvel Universe? Better known as Earth-616, it's the definitive incarnation of Marvel's world where Peter Parker is the one true wall-crawler... or is he?

Over the years, various figures have - for better or for worse - adopted the identity of everyone's friendly neighbourhood hero while Pete himself has otherwise been disposed. Some originate from other universes, while others are 616 born and bred.

Whatever their origin however, they've all become Spider-Man in the main Marvel Universe. And seeing as how with great power must also come great responsibility, it should go without saying that each figure's time as Spidey has had a drastic impact on their life - again, for better or for worse.

From close allies to fierce villains, here's what happened to everyone who became Spider-Man in the main Marvel Universe...

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