What Happened To Everyone Who Killed Batman?

What do the Joker and Wonder Woman have in common? They both totally killed Batman.

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DC Comics

To many, Batman is the greatest character in the history of comic books, with him long since cemented as an icon of pop culture who has transcended comics and wowed in movies, TV, video games and more.

For more casual fans of the World's Greatest Detective, it might seem impossible to ever think of Batman being killed off, but, as is the case with near-enough every single comic book hero or villain, there have been times where this most beloved of characters has died.

Given the very nature of the medium that spawned Batman, those deaths weren't always the most permanent of arrangements, yet that doesn't stop them from being jarring, impactful moments when flicking through the pages of DC Comics.

Sometimes it's been genuine gods who have been behind the demise of Batman, other times it's been people who are surprisingly ordinary and run of the mill, and then there are those moments where it's at least partly down to Bruce Wayne's own actions that he ends up biting the bullet.

With all of that in mind, then, here are the such times where Bruce Wayne breathed his last breath, and what became of the assailants who killed him.

10. Bill Jensen

Wonder Woman Batman 1280 720
DC Comics

Bill who? Exactly.

For even some of the most ardent of comic book readers, the name Bill Jensen will mean nothing. In actuality, Jensen is one of those rare few to have 'killed the Batman' on their résumé.

That particular demise of the Dark Knight came in the aptly titled Death of Batman from 1979's Adventure Comics #462. A larger part of the Only Legends Live Forever! run, here we're introduced to a Bill Jensen, who quickly establishes himself as a major player.

Seeking revenge on an older Bruce Wayne who is now Gotham's Commissioner, Jensen gets Bruce's attention by killing several members of the Justice Society of America. Not just that, but not even the extensive, combined powers of Doctor Fate and Green Lantern could stop Bill's roaring rampage of rage.

When a suited Bruce meets Jensen at Gotham Towers, the rogue's anger is such that his abilities reach a level of distorted hatred that he's unable to control - killing himself and Batman as a result.

The kicker here, though, is that this is an Earth-2 tale, meaning this death was the death of an alt-world Batman.


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