Why Batman Always Needs A Robin

6. Robin Brings Hope To The Dark Knight

Robin Suit Batcave
DC Comics

As shown by Tim Drake picking up the mantle of Robin, so often this sidekick-turned-partner has brought a sense of hope to the oft-grim and gloomy Dark Knight.

At his lowest point - the death of Jason - it was only when Batman accepted Tim into the Robin role that the Caped Crusader's vengeful, angry, reckless side subdued and he could get back to protecting Gotham in a way more akin to what readers had come to expect from Batman.

The innocence of youth so often brought along by the various Robins has served to make Batman realise that the future isn't necessarily as miserable as he may think. To go back to the very basic level of the Robin character gives all the explanation that you need.

When Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson created Batman's sidekick way back in 1940, the decision to call this young hero Robin was due to the fact that the robin bird is traditionally viewed as a symbol of hope, optimism, and balance. In fact, some people even see the robin as being an almost angel-like presence.

Even when stints as Robin have ended in tragedy for Jason Todd and Stephanie Brown - although both would ultimately return from the grave - Batman has still moved to bring in another Robin to help keep that sense of freshness and hope.


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