You'll Never Be Able To Name 100% Of These Daredevil Villains

If you thought you knew Daredevil inside-out, think again, true believers!

Lady Bullseye
Marvel Comics

In his early years, Daredevil was considered a B-list second-stringer in the Marvel comics. The storylines were solid but the blind superhero couldn't compete with Spider-Man or the Avengers in terms of popularity.

But after Frank Miller took over writing duties in the 1980s, everything changed. He tweaked Daredevil into a gritty superhero, introduced the femme-fatale, Elektra, the ninja clan, The Hand, and turned The Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk, into his arch-nemesis. Miller also had Bullseye kill off Elektra, making his rivalry with the Matt Murdock far more personal.

Although these villains are synonymous with Hornhead, he has been protecting Hell's Kitchen for nearly sixty years. (He must be getting genuinely bored by this point.) After over six hundred issues, (not including crossovers or spin-offs), he has gone head-to-head with more baddies than you could imagine. They range from low-tier supervillains, ninjas, crime bosses, Kingpin's goons, serial killers, and Stilt-Man.

If you are a true Daredevil devotee, you probably think you know his rogue gallery inside out. But even the most avid supporters of The Man without Fear will be completely stumped by at least one or two of these obscure villains.

1. Who Is This?


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