10 Actors Who Appeared In Star Trek AND Star Wars

8. Clive Revill

Star Trek Star Wars Simon Pegg

Clive Revill is something of an oddity on this list. Star Trek fans would know his face from Q Pid, wherein he plays Sir Guy of Gisborne - the would-be suiter to Vash' Maid Marion. He plays the part with a devilish wickedness, perfectly suited for the over the top part.

However, he had previously appeared in Star Wars, though fans would now have quite a job in trying to find him.

Before Ian McDiarmid came along to ruin his party, Clive Revill was the OG Emperor, chicken eyes and all!

In The Empire Strikes Back, Vader speaks to a holographic representation of The Emperor. In the pre-Special Edition version, Clive Revill provides the voice of this Emperor, meaning that he's always had dreams of lofty titles in his mind!


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