10 Best Spielberg Blockbuster Movies - Ranked

9. Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Jurassic Park Steven Spielberg

The first sequel Spielberg and Lucas made to their serial adventure film was this strange and divisive little number. They have both gone on record several times since its creation, stating that it was a very dark period in both of their lives, which they felt influenced the film in ways it shouldn't have.

Spielberg even admitted in a documentary last year that he flat-out isn't happy with the way the film turned out at all, calling it too dark and much too horrific. It is, after all, the film that sent mothers across the nation running to complain to the MPAA about its rating, resulting in the creation of the PG-13 rating.

But here's the thing, Steven; it may be a horror movie, but it is an excellent one. Ever since his debut film, Duel, Spielberg has always been able to infuse adventure premises with horror aspects so as to create the most tension humanly possible. And Temple of Doom is the perfect example of this. He works the audience for everything they're worth, structuring the setpieces as orchestrations of suspense and terror rather than your standard action/adventure beats.

Plus, without this 'movie', we would have never met Short Round. So don't apologize Steven, it's a bizarre and strange sequel but its also brilliant.


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