10 Brutal Horror Movie Openings Nobody Saw Coming

9. That Ain't No Alligator - Hatchet

Martyrs Movie
Dark Sky Films

For those that love the slasher films of the eighties, the Hatchet series should be essential viewing. Not only are they dripping with scuzzy charm, but they're also full of cameos from recognisable horror icons and buckets of gore that accompany every murder scene.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the first film's opening features both of those key selling points. Ainsley and Sampson, a backwater father and son duo - played by Blair Witch Project's Joshua Leonard, and the ever-lovable Robert Englund - are scouring the swamps one evening in search of a giant alligator.

The two bicker with one another before Ainsley goes off to take a leak in the woods. His father soon falls silent, and upon returning to their boat, Ainsley is blind-sighted and viciously ripped apart by a monstrous attacker.

Whilst we expect slasher movie death scenes to be pretty grim ordeals, this one goes overboard by showing Ainsley's limbs being torn off, before his attacker eventually splits him in half and rips the bottom half of his body off in full, graphic fashion. Even the most hardened gore-hounds will likely be impressed by this one.


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