10 Cloverfield Lane: 9 Clues To What The Mystery Sequel Really Is

4. It's Probably Mostly Set In The Bunker...

In March 2015, Winstead was interviewed about the film by Collider and, while admitting she couldn't say much due to it being a secretive Bad Robot production (that should have been our first clue something was going on here), did give some key details, specifically towards the scope of the movie, saying it's a "really contained film. It€™s just three actors, in the whole thing." This obviously chimes with the plot of The Cellar and suggests that script is still very much the basis of the movie; she said this after the rewrites, meaning even with all the Cloverfield elements (potentially) added in this is still at its core a hostage drama. Everything we've seen in the trailers only goes along with this; aside from everything being mostly set in the bunker, the pervasive question of that first teaser was more about how to get outside, rather than what's actually out there.

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