10 Comic Book Movie One Liners That Were Unintentionally Hilarious

7. "I Want My Bird" - Iron Man 2

Marvel Studios

Despite the noted commitment that Mickey Rourke put into playing Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash in Iron Man 2, the character mostly fell flat, and if you believe Rourke, it's because most of his best material was left on the cutting room floor thanks to executive meddling.

The end result is that Whiplash ended up more of a meme-worthy joke character than an actually intimidating and imposing villain, best remembered for his hammy request to Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) - "I want my bird."

Nobody's saying the line was intended to be super-serious, but it was clearly supposed to point towards Vanko's eccentric love of animals over humans, yet it ultimately came off far more silly than anyone expected.

It's impressive that, despite the many months Rourke spent studying Russian dialects and getting into character, his accent sounds so damn phoney and campy.

It's pretty much all anyone remembers about the character, who was introduced without much ceremony at all and killed off with even less import.

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