10 Films That Suffered In The Editing Room

It doesn't matter what you shoot, it's what comes out of the edit that counts.

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It often gets overlooked just how important the art of editing can be in creating what could eventually turn out to be an epic movie.

If after assembling the shots filmed by one of the world's top directors the decision is then made to drop vital scenes or leave pointless sequences untouched, a move can suffer because of it.

Yet, some pieces of editing are so bad that they leave the film's audience wishing they'd never bothered being interested in the flick to begin with.

It's a shame, as with a few precise tweaks and a greater understanding of what the completed movie needed to be - in order to actually be watchable - the majority of these entries could have soared instead of plummeting into the realms of notoriety.

Sadly though, these badly pieced together submissions weren't lucky enough to be saved from fan/critical backlash, but at least their inclusion on this list may act as a stern warning for future filmmakers and studios, alike.

With all that in mind, let's delve into 10 Films That Suffered In The Editing Room.

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