10 Great Horror Movies Ruined By One Character

What a bunch of buzzkills.

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You ever throw a party that you think is going really well? All your friends are there, the conversations are flowing, people are laughing and having fun until that one guy you forgot to uninvite turns up?

Like, he's just such a downer. He's always trying to impress people with close-up magic and uses way too much deodorant, so he really smells. He just brings down the whole mood to the point where everyone leaves before 10pm.

That's basically how these characters made us feel.

In horror movies, it is especially important to have heroes that people are going to like. There's no point putting characters in mortal danger when the audience are begging for them to be killed off.

Equally, villains should be easily hateable, but not to the point where they detract from the rest of the movie. You should want to see them defeated in the world of the film, not banned from appearing in cinema for the rest of time.

If this lot never showed up, then their respective films would have been a lot more entertaining. Instead, they decide to come along and ruin everything, making us wish they'd never left the script editing process.

10. Deena Johnson - Fear Street Part One: 1994

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Netflix's Fear Street trilogy proved that beloved children's author R. L. Stine is a sick freak who needs to be kept away from kids at all costs. Joking of course, but Goosebumps this ain't.

The R-Rated trilogy is about a group of teenagers who attempt to destroy an evil spirit that haunting the town of Shadyside. Well there's your first problem. The town is called Shadyside. That name is just asking for trouble.

Deena Johnson is the film's main character, played by Kiana Madeira. Naturally, filmmakers would prefer it if audiences actually liked the central character in their stories. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with the young Ms. Johnson.

She shows absolutely no compassion in this movie, seeming to care very little when her friends are hurt or killed. She's also really horrible to her little brother and to her ex-girlfriend Sam (who she broke up with, by the way).

Deena fails in every important category for a main horror movie character. She's unpleasant, rude, uncompromising, and just generally a nasty person to have on screen.

At least she gets a silly voice in the third film, which almost makes up for it.


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