10 Greatest MCU Villains With No Powers

9. Darren Cross

Spider-Man Far From Home
Marvel Studios

Typically, the ruthless businessman is a villainous character trope that has been done to death over the years. However, it is a solid base on which to build an antagonist with no powers in the comic book movie world, with Darren Cross arguably being up there with the MCU’s best.

As the final thought behind every move he made in Ant-Man, Darren Cross' main motivation was money, though it was played off against his resentment towards Hank Pym and his need to be acknowledged and loved, and his hatred that he wasn't.

Darren Cross was actually a surprisingly complex character, even with the relatively simple plan of taking the Yellowjacket suit and selling it en masse to the highest bidder. Simple, yet effective, and if he had pulled it off who knows what the future of the MCU would have looked like?

Though it seemed as though his time in the MCU was done, rumours are now suggesting that Corey Stoll could return in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania to bring Cross to life as the franchise’s version of MODOK. Likely leaning more on the revenge angle than anything else, this could be a very intriguing sub-plot against Ant-Man’s conflict with Kang the Conqueror.


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