10 Horror Movie Characters Who Got Advice From THE WORST PLACE POSSIBLE

8. Cooper Seeking Answers In The Good Book - Red State

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With Red State, Kevin Smith made his first venture into the world of horror. And in typical Smith fashion - pulling on his much-discussed Catholic upbringing - it was a horror based around the extremities of faith.

Inspired by the very real Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church cult, Michael Parks is on phenomenal form - arguably career-best form, which says a lot - as Pastor Abin Cooper. Dedicated to the bible in the most worryingly extreme of ways, this mentor hammers home messages of hate against those who oppose what the book instructs of him.

Spiralling out of control, Cooper and his cult put brutal actions in place, including cold-blooded murder to ensure that the words of the bible are followed 'true'.

John Goodman's Special Agent Joe Keenan is the person leading the charge against this nutjob crew, and a final act shootout sees Cooper's trust in the bible being his downfall. Hearing a deafening noise that he believes to be the Rapture, Abin drops his weapons, mocking Keenan and his team with the 'realisation' that a higher power is on the way.

Unfortunately for him, there was no higher power at play. Instead, it was a prank played by pissed-off students - and Pastor Cooper and his cult end up arrested.

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