10 Horror Movie Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Never Happened)

10. The Newborn - Rosemary's Baby

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Rosemary's Baby begins with the titular character and her husband moving to an apartment, hoping to start a family. After Rosemary falls pregnant, she feels like everything is working out perfectly. But after a series of disturbing events, Rosemary suspects her neighbours intend to harm her unborn child.

Little does she know that the tenants' true intentions are far more disturbing. Just before she comes to term, Rosemary discovers the residents in her building are Satanists. Not only that, they intend to worship Rosemary, believing she is carrying Satan's offspring.

After she gives birth, Rosemary gazes at the baby, clutching her face in horror. Although we never see the child, Mia Farrow's haunting expression conveys what she is looking at is not of this world.

According to producer, William Castle, the scene was supposed to depict the child as a monstrous demon. Director Roman Polanski vetoed this idea, believing the scene would be more powerful if left ambiguous.

Even though it was disappointing not to see Rosemary's baby, it was the right move. Because the whole story had built up to this moment, it would've been a shame to ruin it with a shot of a baby in unconvincing makeup.


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