10 Insanely Misleading Movie Posters You Won't Believe Actually Exist

9. Reign Of Awesome - Reign Of Fire


If I had to conjure up a poster that realised each and every one of my childhood fantasies, it would be this one: look at it. Dragons. Helicopters. A flaming, devastated London. I mean, it's arguably the greatest movie poster of all-time, and God have mercy if the actual movie didn't live up to the images reflected here, right? But not only did Reign of Fire not live up to the hype, it didn't even make an effort to recreate the scene depicted here at all - this genuinely never happens. And they got away with it, I guess, because it's supposed to be more of a "conceptual poster" and not an accurate portrait. But whoever tricked us here deserves to burn in hell. Forever.

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