10 Legacy Sequel Movies Everyone Actually Wants To See

8. National Treasure 3


Disney well and truly dropped the ball on the National Treasure franchise - despite 2007's sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets grossing over $450 million worldwide, they inexplicably dragged their feet on nudging a third film into production.

15 years later, fans are still begging Disney for a threequel, which honestly feels like it couldn't arrive at a much more opportune time, what with both the resurgence of splashy action-adventure movies, and especially the phoenix-like career comeback of Nicolas Cage.

Though it was revealed in early 2020 that National Treasure 3 was in active development, the subsequent announcement of a Disney+ National Treasure series - which is currently shooting - makes that prospect decidedly less likely.

While the series exists within the same continuity as the movies - and even features one of the film's stars, Justin Bartha, in a supporting capacity - it's not really what most long-time fans of the series truly want to see.

A movie that reunites Bartha with Cage and Diane Kruger, whether for a theatrical release or direct to Disney+, has zeitgeist-recapturing potential.

It's possible that the upcoming series renews Disney's interest in making a third film, but honestly you probably shouldn't count on it.


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