10 More Actors Who Made Sure They Weren't Seen In Movies

These actors sure didn't want to be recognised.

Billy Bob Thorn U Turn

While the vast majority of actors want to be as visible as humanly possible in the movies they star in, sometimes performers also want to immerse themselves so completely in a character that the audience isn't even aware who's playing the part underneath.

Whether using state-of-the-art makeup, the most basic-yet-effective props, or ingeniously hiding themselves in plain sight, these actors were all concealed beyond any recognition in these movies, actively embracing the art of disguise to ensure only the most attentive viewers noticed who they actually were.

Hell, even if the actors involved received substantial billing, you'd be hard-pressed to recognise them in these characters, who were so incredibly far removed from the stars we know and love.

Following up our prior article on the subject, here are 10 more actors who found ways to effectively achieve invisibility on-screen, revelling in the freedom granted by transformation and giving superior performances as a result.

No matter how eagle-eyed a viewer you might be, never discount the possibility that a suspiciously weird movie character might actually be a name actor taking a ripe opportunity to get freaky...

10. Billy Bob Thornton - U-Turn

Billy Bob Thorn U Turn
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For his role in Oliver Stone's 1997 neo-noir U-Turn, Billy Bob Thronton didn't spend hours in the makeup chair to drastically transform himself, but rather covered his face in grease and motor oil, wore a backwards baseball cap, threw on some specs, and had his teeth painted brown.

Even with Thornton's southern drawl being as distinctive as it is, you'd be hard-pressed to instantly recognise him as the seedy mechanic Darrell, whose interactions with Sean Penn's protagonist Bobby Cooper are one of the movie's easy highlights.

To further disappear into the role, Thornton additionally gained 50 pounds of weight to give Darrell an extra heft, ensuring his gut constantly billowed out below his dirty vest.

In an interview ahead of the film's release, Thornton also stated that he chose to speak without letting his lips touch, which subtly altered his speaking pattern and made his teeth appear even more prominent.

Adding all these affectations up, and it's incredibly easy for the audience to totally divorce the mechanic from Thornton in their mind.


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