10 Most Ridiculous Action Movie One-Liners

10. Ethan Hunt - Mission Impossible III


The Line: 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.'

The Mission Impossible series is about a team of super spies with impossibly sophisticated gadgets who are tasked with taking on jobs no one else can. Aptly named the Impossible Missions Force they are lead by the one and only Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. Cruise gets a lot of grief for being an all-out nutcase outside of his films but I'm going to stay within the confines of his cinematic output which for the most part is damn good. This is made all the more disappointing then when the writers let the team down. In one point during Mission Impossible III we find Hunt attempting to infiltrate the Vatican. After a series of awesome stunts which, of course, mainly include running €“ he reaches the top of one of the perimeter walls and rolls under the blind spot of a camera. While this is happening the score behind the scene is building to a fanfare, we just know he's got something awesome to say coming up, the camera zooms in... and it's ruined. We all know what happens, whoever thought it would be a good idea to insert a nursery rhyme into the world of dangerous espionage had clearly been pulling an all-nighter. It's an example of how one line can throw you off for a while and is a low point in an otherwise highly enjoyable film.

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