10 Most Twisted Asylum Horror Movies

9. Don't Look In The Basement

The Ward Amber Heard

Don't Look in the Basement - also known as The Forgotten or Death Ward #13 - is a creepy 1973 picture set in Stephens Sanitarium.

Often described as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next meets The Last House on the Left - even mimicking Last House's marketing campaign of "remember, it's only a movie" - Don't Look in the Basement features a doctor who thinks the best way to cure insanity is to simply let those involved live out their desires.

Of course, this approach totally backfires on said doctor, with him having an axe put in his back in the early goings of the movie.

At a pretty impressive rate, Don't Look in the Basement starts to kill off nearly all of its asylum staff and a fair few patients. Our central protagonist ends up being Rosie Holotik's Charlotte Beale, a young nurse who finds herself trapped in the sanitarium with only Dr. Masters (Annabelle Weenick) for sane company.

While these two do their best to survive as the inmates take over the asylum, the gut punch for Charlotte is the revelation that Dr. Masters is actually a patient at the hospital - with her having been allowed to become a doctor as part of the previous tactic of letting people live out their fantasies in order to help cure them.


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