10 Movies That Pissed Off Audiences Right Away

No time wasted.

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Warner Bros.

Most movies don't actively set out to annoy audiences, but sometimes a film just can't help but rub viewers the wrong way, and if those watching are lucky, they'll know within a few fast minutes what sort of ride they're in for.

That's certainly the case with these 10 films, all of which dared to be obnoxious, irritating or straight-up sacrilegious in their opening scenes, giving the audience a perfect invitation to bail out and find something else to watch.

But of course, many of us decided to tough it out - especially if we saw these films in cinemas - and hope that a bumpy start could be overcome.

While a few of these movies certainly wouldn't qualify as irredeemably bad, they are for the most part handicapped right out of the gate by some immensely ill-advised creative calls that definitely didn't pay off.

From pointlessly killing beloved characters to vomiting up cringe-worthy one-liners, horrendously ugly visuals and toe-curlingly awful comic relief, these films all stunk from practically their very first minute...


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