10 Rising Actors Who Could Be The Next Big Thing

7. Jordan Fisher

One of the breakout stars of the Teen Beach Movie Disney franchise, the 21 year old Fisher is American pop culture€™s current favourite kind of young talent: he€™s a good-looking kid with acting talent to spare, who€™s also a gifted singer and musician. Fisher was brought to Hollywood by a recurring role in ABC Family€™s hit television series The Secret Life Of The American Teenager in 2012, and currently appears in a regular role in Disney€™s hit sitcom Liv & Maddie. There€™s not so much on his CV so far€ but that€™s only because the work is currently all arriving at once, making him a busy beaver for at least the next few years. Down-to-earth and refreshingly lacking in Bieberesque arrogance and entitlement issues, the guitarist and piano player also recently signed a deal with Hollywood Records €“ he attracted some serious attention when, with the other Disney kids, he recorded a montage-based music video covering Frozen€™s €˜Do You Wanna Build A Snowman€™ and 36 million Youtube viewers all spat their coffee over their streaming devices when that voice bellowed out at them. He seems set to join the sinister cabal of bright young American things who release an album and a movie a year and find their faces absolutely everywhere€ except, with his fresh face and genuine musical talent, the sky€™s the limit for Jordan Fisher.

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