10 Songs That Got Popular After Being Used In Movies

9. What Ever Happened - The Strokes

Not every movie soundtrack has to match up exactly with what's going on onscreen. When you watch a movie like Kingsmen, there's no reason why Lynyrd Skynyrd should be playing over Harry annihilating a whole congregation's worth of people...it just sounds badass. And when we got a peek into the royal side of adolescence, who said that that the posh living couldn't have fun either?

Even though most of the soundtrack to Marie Antoinette has a much more indie rock streak to it, the real standout is the Strokes' inclusion on What Ever Happened?, which fits in with the kind of aesthetic that Kirsten Dunst's portrayal was going for. Outside of just being a fantastic song from the Strokes' classic New York period, kicking off the scene like this is almost a power move for the director, giving you a taste of the themes that are going to be turning up based on the lyrics of the song.

Seeing how Antoinette is seen throughout history, hearing an angsty Julian Casablancas singing that he wants to be forgotten is a lot more sarcastic and snide when you pair it up with shots of these teenage aristocrats walking across the scenery. There's definitely going to be some rocky territory happening in here, but take comfort in knowing that the Strokes at least won't make it any harder than it needs to be.


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