10 Songs That Got Popular After Being Used In Movies

8. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush

The past few years have seen fans have a bit of a... ahem... strange relationship with the show Stranger Things. Even with some of these characters becoming some of the most famous in streaming history, there's also a good chunk of snobs that think that half of the battle is feeding off the nostalgia that people already have for the '80s aesthetic. For all of the references to Stephen King books and neon colored madness though, the Duffer Brothers had something else in mind when they put Kate Bush's masterpiece back on the charts.

While Kate had always been a fantastic artist since the '80s, her inclusion in Stranger Things was a much different affair than what she was used to. Always a student of the studio, Kate was known for fine tuning her songs to wear they had almost reached perfection, which you can tell from the minute that her song starts playing in the opening episode, where Max escapes into her own world in the headphones when the song comes on.

Despite all of the power that the song has though, the direction behind its use in the series may have elevated it that much more, taking the power behind her music and using it almost like a weapon to combat the madness that's taking over Hawkins, building to one of the greatest episodes in the series' history with Max escaping Vecna's clutches. Kate had already been a musical goddess before a move like this, but there's a new generation of music fans that are going to think of Max running through another dimension every time those faint sounds of synthesizers come in.


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