10 Squeaky-Clean Actresses Who Went Bad For Movie Roles

Havoc It seems to be something of a rite of passage for a lot of Hollywood actresses to go "bad." When they reach a certain point in their careers, either as they cross over into adulthood, or when they become sick and tired of being typecast in good girl roles, many opt to make this particularly well-documented transition. Though all actresses will have their own reasons for making such a decision, for the rest of us, it usually signals a combination of three things: skimpy costumes, nudity, and simulated sex scenes. To a certain degree, though, it must be rather annoying to get stuck with a "good girl" image - and going bad is just one way that an actress might chose to shed that image. I suppose the concept of "going bad" is a rather ridiculous one in the first place, though. Fact is, a new role just means a different character. So this particular character just happens to walk around in her underwear all day long, smoking cigarettes and having sex with strangers... what's wrong with that? Still, breaking free of good girl typecasting must be rather liberating for the actresses who choose to do it in such a particularly dramatic fashion. It's a chance to start again, reinvent yourself, and show the world that you, uh, don't mind them paying to stare at your private parts for the sum of two hours. Here I've assembled 10 examples of notable occassions when formally wholesome actresses decided to throw caution to the wind and go against their established images entirely...
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