10 More Things You Didn't Know About Chris Pratt

10. He's Getting Paid $8 Million Less Than Jennifer Laurence For Passengers

Chris Pratt might be the hottest property in the industry at the moment, but he's got a long way to go if he wants to reach the top tier of actors worth in the region of $300 million - those luxury jets and private islands in the Bahamas might have to wait until a few more hits are under his belt. Still, with a paycheck of $12 million winging its way to him for his upcoming project Passengers his net worth isn't going to take a hit any time soon, although his co-star Jennifer Laurence is likely to have a bigger smile on her face when she picks up her wages - she's set to earn $8 million more than Pratt and take home a sweet $20 million. Passengers is a high-risk £150 million project for Sony, centering around a man who awakens a century too early while in cryogenic sleep and decides to awaken a fellow passenger for company. Whether it will repeat the success of Interstellar and Gravity remains to be seen, although Oscar-winning director Morten Tyldum at the helm should ensure some quality control.
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