10 Under The Radar Horror Movies Coming In 2016

Exposing the very best horror flicks you haven't even heard of yet.

leatherface prequel

Horror fans are a resilient bunch; each year they have to weather mediocre remakes or low budget junk in the hope of finding some buried treasure. The last few years have seen a slight upswing in quality horror being released in cinemas (It Follows, Bone Tomahawk, The Babadook), but often the best stuff is the scrappy, low budget fare that may not even get a proper cinema release.

Fans know this better than anybody, so they’re always keeping an eye out for an unsung gem to come along. They could be in luck in 2016, since there are quite a few upcoming movies that could provide them with the chills they so desperately seek. There’s a fine selection of nightmarish foreign horror, classy low budget chillers. action packed creature features and even a big budget potential franchise starter.

Here's some of the most promising fare, which has something for everyone; zombies, slashers, ghosts and demons, with nary a remake in sight.

10. 31

leatherface prequel
Front Row Filmed Entertainment

Rob Zombie is a real marmite director for horror fans; some love his gritty, harsh approach and vulgar humour while others think he’s a hack with a creepy obsession with rednecks. There’s no denying he loves and understands the genre though, and even if his films divide opinion at the very least they feel like his movies, and not the work of a gun for hire.

His next effort is called 31, with the story finding a kidnapped group of people forced to play a sadistic game where they’re chased around a maze by sadistic killers. The movie sounds like prime Zombie fare, and the movie has received good buzz from early screenings.

Zombie crowdfunded 31 instead of making it with a studio, which means he was free to make it without compromise. This should be music to the ears of fans who loved The Devil’s Rejects or his Halloween movies; for those who didn’t, they may want to sit this one out.

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