10 Unusual Demands Movie Actors Made To Other Actors

Turns out Kanye West REALLY wanted his co-stars to listen to his new tunes on set...

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This being the same industry that has routinely seen well-known acting legends go out of their way to request excessively lavish trailers whenever they decide to rock up to shoot a feature or TV show, and even a whole damn basketball court as part of their agreement to show, very few actor demands should come as too much of a surprise to the average Joe.

But going out of your way to order a colossal movie studio to foot your lobster and Grey Goose bill is one thing. Requesting your fellow cast-mate to partake in some truly bizarre antics or for them to be booted out of a project altogether is something else entirely.

Now it must be said that not all of the following unexpected demands can be classed as deeply unusual in a negative sense, with some actually pushing stars to learn impressive new skills and discover more about themselves as human beings.

However, there's still no denying that there have been a few occasions over the years where actors may have gone a touch too far when it comes to laying down the law to their fellow thespians.

10. Daniel Radcliffe Goes To Weird Al For Accordion Lessons - Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

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You would've forgiven the always game Daniel Radcliffe for opting against throwing himself into the arduous waters that can be the art of playing the accordion when it came time to step into the weirdest shoes imaginable for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

But as the Harry Potter icon would eventually reveal to The New York Times in the lead-up to the bizarre biopic's release this year, "When you’re playing Al, to not give it a good, honest attempt seems a wasted opportunity."

So, sure enough, Radcliffe sought out the parody prince himself whenever he could in the making of the "true" story feature, with the two getting stuck into accordion lessons on the regular.

And despite not quite managing to master the instrument to the point of being able to play the tricky tool with two hands, thanks to Yankovic being "generally very available", the star of the flick was able to learn everything he needed for the various songs he'd be depicted playing "on one hand or the other."

Sure, doing them both at the same time may be classed as a "nonstarter" by the Al actor. But executing My Bologna on your left hand "pretty effectively" is still not to be sniffed at, I think you'll agree.


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