10 Video Game Movies That Were Better Than You Think

silent hill Movies based off of video games often get a bad rap. It's justified when you look at the history of them. But the secret is to not take them at face value. Comic book movies have become blockbusters and really put pressure on video game movies to raise the bar. Prince of Persia attempted this, and while it was not received unanimously well, it did make over $300 million. Properties such as Angry Birds, Ratchet and Clank, Need for Speed, and Assassin's Creed are getting the big film treatment, so the video game adaptation isn't going anywhere. The secret to enjoying these films, no matter their quality, is to take them for what they are, another form of entertainment. If you do that, you may surprise yourself. Here are a few that you should just sit back and enjoy with some drinks (as long as you are of age) and friends.

10. Street Fighter

Street FighterBudget: $35 Million Box Office: $99 Million Two fighting games really led the way in the early 90s, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat was a more profitable (and much better in my opinion) film; but the numbers that Street Fighter pulled in the box office are surprising. I'm sure the producers expected a bigger pull, but they should be happy with what they got based on the product they put out. On paper, Jean-Claude Van Damme probably seemed like he would be the best actor to play Guile. Most action films of the 90s starred him, but having a Belgian actor play an U.S. Colonel doesn't always up. But I'm also bias. Guile was, and still is, my favorite character to use in Street Fighter. So where's the tall, blonde, flattop that I'm used to? And JCVD's American accent didn't help. Most of the cast was mediocre at best, aside from Raul Juila's portrayal of M. Bison. Kylie Minogue played Cammy in the film, and that wasn't too bad either. The movie was also the catalyst for the horrid Street Fighter: The Game movie, which turned SF into a Mortal Kombat hybrid featuring actors from the movie instead of the pixel characters we were used to. I'm all about retro games, but this is one you don't need to revisit.

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