10 Ways Marvel Could Introduce Fantastic Four Into MCU

10. As Cosmic Beings, Not From Earth

Marvel Comics

A controversial one which might slightly defeat the point of the Fantastic Four, but it would at least solve any continuity issues that introducing them would bring.

There are many complications (which we’ll address later with entries to counteract them) with introducing the Fantastic Four at this stage of the MCU. Most of them can be solved quite simply - if a little cheaply - by having the Fantastic Four as cosmic beings rather than Earthlings.

Keeping them more in line with Guardians Of The Galaxy means they could meet the Guardians in their third movie, or just come from another planet entirely. The MCU has made various changes to characters’ origins before, but never this drastic.

It certainly wouldn’t be the best received decision, but it might be the easiest. With the quality of storytelling they’ve had over the past few movies, Marvel certainly doesn’t need to take the easy road; surely they’ll be more creative in introducing these massively anticipated characters.

In all likelihood, this feels like a bit of a cop out which would disappoint more fans than it pleases. Marvel probably aren’t going to use it, so on to the more popular ideas we go.


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