11 Reasons Joss Whedon Can't Save Justice League Alone

11. A New DCEU "Brain Trust" Has Been Formed

Matt Reeves
ILN/DYD/Starmax/PA Images

Though there's no denying that Whedon is going to place his own stamp on Justice League, it's also important to remember that he's just one part of a new "brain trust" that's been formed to manage the creative aspects of the DCEU.

Alongside Whedon, the team reportedly includes Aquaman director James Wan, The Batman's Matt Reeves and Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins. In addition to working on their own respective movies, it's been reported that each of the filmmakers will have a hand in shaping the wider universe, and so it's safe to say that the brain trust will certainly have had some input on how Justice League pans out.

With the extensive nature of the film's re-shoots, substantial changes have clearly been made to the end product, and it's extremely likely, if not certain, that Wan, Reeves and Jenkins will also be contributing to it in some way, even if only to maintain continuity with their own upcoming projects.


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