12 MCU Movie Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

10. Um, Guys, They Tried To Nuke Us - The Avengers

The avengers nuke
Marvel Studios

At the end of The Avengers, we get the first indication that Tony Stark actually IS "the guy who'd lay down on the wire," as he takes the Nuke fired by the World Security Council at New York and sends it through the portal to save millions of people. Hurray, happy ending, everyone's faith in heroes is cemented and nobody has to worry about aliens ever again.

But what about the villains they have to continue living with? How on Earth would the fact that the government literally fired a nuclear missile at New York without even trying to evacuate it go down with all the people living there? You can bet your bottom dollar it'd go down poorly.

And for all of the people pointing to the fact that Maria Hill threatens the WSC with telling the world about the nuke in case they go after Nick Fury? It got out, there's literally a kid's drawing in Iron Man 3 showing Tony flying through the wormhole with the missile. It's part of Tony's mythology (which in itself suggests he'd tell everyone - plus it's not like he has any sort of loyalty to the WSC himself). And it's not like the Battle Of New York was kept secret - it and the heroes' involvement was plastered all over the news.

How could there be ANY faith in government if even a few people knew about the nuke?

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