14 Cringe-Worthy Movie Scenes You Never Want To See Again

10. Pierce Brosnan Tries (And Fails) To Sing - Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia Meryl Streep Pierce Brosnan

Though this Abba-themed musical was clearly supposed to be a breezy blast of cheesy fun, it ended up taking things too far with Pierce Brosnan's soul-punishingly awful rendition of the group's classic hit "S.O.S."

While his scene partner Meryl Streep holds her own just fine, Brosnan is clearly struggling for the entirety of the number, his voice being out of tune throughout and basically instructing your ears to just close up forever more.

If you're not screwing your face up in a fit of second-hand embarrassment, are you even paying attention? Props to Brosnan for even daring to try and pull this off, but Jesus Christ, why? The "When you're gone..." refrain is particularly assaultive to the aural canals.


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