20 Actors You Didn't Know Almost Played X-Men

20. Sigourney Weaver Was Almost Emma Frost

Sigourney Weaver Emma Frost

Back when Bryan Singer was still going to direct X-Men 3, he had intended to include the White Queen as a major character, according to X2 screen-writer Dan Harris, who also confirmed that Singer had identified the Alien franchise lead as his intended actress for the role:

€œWe were going to do X-Men 3 for a little while and our big secret or coup was €“ and it€™s not going to happen so it€™s OK €“ we wanted to have a character that was Emma Frost, a famous X-Men character. She€™s called the white queen. We were going to ask Sigourney to be it. She was an empath in our version of the movie which means she could control people€™s emotions.€

It's likely the character would have been a lot different to the version who eventually made it into First Class, but this definitely feels like one of the most unfortunately missed opportunities in the X-Men franchise.

Ultimately Singer bailed to do Superman, Brett Ratner came on board, and we got a film in which Vinnie Jones thinks he's Orson Welles thanks to the silliest line in comic book movie history, and which threatened to kill the X-Men completely. Good choices all round then.


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