7 Horror Movie Villains That Just Wanted A Little Justice

6. Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th)


Poor little kid Jason, his childhood wasn’t a very pleasant one. Born with severe body deformities and untreated mental disabilities, Jason Voorhees didn’t have the fortune to enjoy a loving, or even conventional, upbringing. Raised by a controlling and overbearing mother, Jason’s one chance to experience anything similar to a normal childhood was during a summer camp in the subsequently dreaded Crystal Lake.

And so the horror story begins.

Because of the careless attitude of the camp counselors, Jason ends up drowning in the deep waters of the lake. His mother, Pamela Voorhees, tries and fails to avenge the death of his son during the first entry in the Friday the 13th franchise. After this failed attempt by a grieving mother, it’s Jason himself who raises from the grave so he can torment teenagers that are way too horny to even notice the presence of a reanimated corpse.

Bullets, knives and pitchforks are not enough to stop Voorhees, whose body has been transformed into a perfect killing machine with enough strength to snap necks like if they were twigs or to stomp skulls as if they were rotting pumpkins left in the sun. In a sick and perverted way, Voorhees’ killing spree throughout two and a half decades and almost a dozen movies is his way of getting even for the childhood he was never able to enjoy.


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