8 Comic Book Movie Characters Who Need To Be Recast

Sansa as Jean Grey did not work.

Jean Grey X Men Apocalypse Sophie Turner
20th Century Fox

It might look easy, but casting is a very tricky thing. A performer who's tailor-made for a part could actually be surprisingly bland once they get it, and on the flipside an actor who appears utterly miscast can give a defining performance.

Robert Downey, Jr. or Hugh Jackman are so perfect it’s hard to picture anybody else in their comic book roles, while nobody is likely to miss Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern or Halle Berry as Storm. Now, for the most part, Marvel, Fox and DC have done an excellent job casting their big franchises, but there are still a few weak links in the chain.

It could be the actor in question is flat-out miscast, or they’ve been poorly served by the material. In some cases it’s not even a question of them being bad, it’s just their take doesn’t mesh with the role.

Here are eight comic book movie characters that would be well served with a new actor in the part, and a few suggestions for who their replacements could be.

8. Jesse Eisenberg - Lex Luthor (DC Extended Universe)

Jean Grey X Men Apocalypse Sophie Turner
Warner Bros. Pictures

Jesse Eisenberg was clearly determined to have fun playing Lex, but he apparently decided he was in a Joel Schumacher comic book movie and went full ham. Zack Snyder didn’t bother to rein him in, and his twitchy, hyperactive turn made him a little insufferable.

Turning Lex into a spoilt rich kid doesn’t work because he didn’t make for a credible threat; the part needed someone with authority and gravitas. He might be too obvious a choice, but Bryan Cranston would have worked wonders. Him or the ever reliable Mark Strong; they won’t even have to shave his head.

Lex needs to feel like the smartest guy in the room; someone who is always five steps ahead. Cranston could pull that off, but Eisenberg feels like he’s auditioning for Max Landis: The Movie, which probably isn’t the vibe they should be aiming for in the DCEU.


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