8 Huge Movie Stars We Wish Would Disappear

7. Adam Sandler

Happy Maddison

It's by no means a hot take to criticise Adam Sandler, as the man's had a reputation for shelling out lazy and unimaginative flicks for over a decade now. While he has managed to deliver some strong dramatic performances in the past few years (Uncut Gems and The Meyerowitz Stories being good examples), those are once in a blue moon, and the rest of the time, he's making mediocre comedies.

Having made a name for himself on SNL, Sandler took Hollywood by storm, starring in popular movies like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and The Wedding Singer. However, even in those flicks, he annoyed audiences with his irritating voices, bizarre acting decisions and oddball energy. What was at first (kind of) charming soon became utterly frustrating.

His sprinkling of dramatic roles shows that he's capable of good things, which is what makes his reliance on making unfunny ensemble movies leave such a sour taste in the mouth. There's always promise on the horizon with him (right now, it's the upcoming drama he's signed on to called Spaceman), but his Netflix comedies are still coming too thick and too fast.


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